What is Tinder Windows Phone

Tinder Windows Phone brings the experience from the popular dating app Tinder to Windows Phone devices. Until recently, the app was restricted to iPhone and Android users. Now you can start using Tinder on your Windows Phone.

So what is Tinder Windows Phone

Meeting people who like you is easy with Tinder Windows Phone. You only have to download Tinder Windows Phone and sign up for an account. You have to connect your Facebook account. Tinder uses it to get your first name and profile pictures. And it grabs your interests to see if they match with your potential date. You have to fill your sex and sexual  orientation and then you are ready to start. Your Tinder information will not be shared with Facebook.

What is Tinder Windows Phone

“Meeting people who like you is easy with Tinder Windows Phone”

Meet new people

Once you signed up, you will see the photos of possible matches that you can meet. If the user has more photos, you can watch those. You can also view your common interests. On the bottom of the screen, you will see a cross and a heart. If you tap the cross, you will skip to the next possible match. If you tap the heart you show that you are interested in that person. When you like them and they like you, it’s a match!

You can now start chatting in the app to get to know each other. The possible matches that show up in your app are people that are nearby you. The system works by using GPS. Hence you can meet people who like you nearby.

If you read this, you are probably interested in the app, so give it a shot! Download Tinder Windows Phone today to find out who likes you nearby.