Install Tinder Windows Phone

Install Tinder Windows Phone to find out who likes you nearby. It starts here! Read this installation guide below to find out how to install Tinder Windows Phone. You first have to download the Tinder Windows Phone application files from this website. Once you have the application files on your desktop or laptop computer you can start following the guide below.

Install Tinder Windows Phone

Installing Tinder Windows Phone is easy. You will be meeting new people in no time! If you are ready to install Tinder on your Windows Phone, then let’s get started. Follow this step-by-step guide to find out how to do it.

Step 1

Download the app files from the download page. These are required to install Tinder on Windows Phones. Save the files on your computer.

Install Tinder Windows Phone

Step 2

Connect your Windows Phone device to your computer. Use the USB-cable so you can transfer the app files to your SD-card. You can also copy the files to your SD-card directly if you have a compatible SD-card slot on your desktop or laptop. Copy the Tinder Windows Phone XAP-file to an SD-card

Step 3

Go to the Store on your Windows Phone and click on the list with all apps. You will see all your apps in a list, but not Tinder. That is because it is not yet installed on your phone. Go to the next step to install tinder Windows Phone on your device.

Step 4

Tap More and tap Install local apps. You can install apps from your SD-card in this menu. So that is what we will do now. Select Tinder Windows Phone and tap Install. Now Tinder will install on your device.

The installation should take less than one minute. And after it’s done you will find the Tinder Windows Phone app in your list with applications.

When you completed the guide and installed Tinder Windows Phone, you can start meeting new people!